Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Patients is a virtue (I keep telling myself that!)

It is true!
I sent the information all in, than waited.
Than contact!
I made one mistake that will mean another wait.
Was my own fault!  LOL
Years ago, when I started using computers to write things, I feared that the things I wrote may be taken without my permission, hi-jacked from my pc.
So started using a program that, all though not rare, had an advantage that I could not ignore.
I have used it for years,( I rarely use windows office software) I even forgot that I used it.  Installed it on every computer I ever owned. (but not my first one) Even make sure it is up to date etc.  As a secondary precaution saved all my files on secondary discs/drives so that can be transferred from pc to pc.
Also why I always have an older version of windows on a working pc. (right now it is Windows 98-although still have Win 3.1 install discs-just can not part with it-you never know)
Anyways, the advantage is also a disadvantage.  The file format is unique and not easily transferred to windows or even pdf.  
I sent the files in this format- I forgot!!!!  Well that is okay (proved my files are safe) but did have to convert to a file format that they could accept.  It took a little while, but done and sent again, about 2 weeks ago (guess I was hoping that they pushed them to the front of the line, but guess I have to wait my turn again),  That is okay, although I would like this done and over with, I want to make sure everything is done right and legal.
  I want no doubt of my intent, to protect me and my family from further abuse (bullying) from this woman (boho mom or bohemiansinglemom) or her daughter at any time in the future, any time!  God forbid if anything happened to my brother-in-law I want to make sure they are not there to cause problems for my sister and her children, I have seen what "family" does to those in mourning.  I want a record of all that has been said and done there in the governments computers, in their files.  I want to make sure that even years from now that If either of them try to pull any stunt under any circumstance, whether personal or business that my witness will be their own words etc.  I want to make sure that it is on record for everyone to know.  If they try this with anyone else, this record will also be a witness to the fact that they are repeat offenders, with no regard for others or the damage they cause.  I want to make sure that every lie is on record, every terrible accusation. 
Proof that they will do anything to get what they want. 
So I will be patient, not try to speed things up.  Will wait for the next step.
It will all be worth it in the end.
Saw this today:   
I'm a great believer in karma, and the vengeance that it serves up to those who are deliberately mean is generally enough for me.
Up until last fall, I believed this, but now I believe sometimes Karma needs a little help. :)

See you soon!
Alice M

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Words to live by!!!!!

Just had to share!
Never ever let anyone make you forget these words!!!
I know I never will!!!

Do not let simple minded people ruin your life!
It is yours to live and there's to dream of!

Alice M

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I know the deadline is Friday but

I have decided to send everything in today.

I have been advised not to say exactly what I am doing until it is done.
Makes sense to me.
I have given Boho Mom (of, 
many chances to contact me (or her lawyer contact me). 
She has seen fit to ignore me.  
Even after everything she and her daughter have written, said, and done.

I never named her daughter although she never apologized for that video of lies, directed personally to me.
No retraction, never removed the video.
I will be using the video though, and her mother's real name.
Will not take much for others to figure out who her daughter is (she did make the video herself).

I warned them I would.
Her daughter never even asked me not to use it. (and too late now) 
She would be the only one I may have listened too, (about the video) if she apologized for putting it up and than took it down.  
She never did. 
Even if she took it down now, I still have a copy.
It was made for me so it is mine.
She even says it is to me, says my name and talks directly to me, she only talks to me, no one else.
It is me she points things out too, even when she talks of staying over night, she is talking to me, and me alone.  I have watched the video many times, no matter how you look at it, she is talking to me! 
So I have to right to share if I want.
It was made for me but Boho and her daughter saw fit to share it (and it's lies) with everyone.
Now it is my turn.
Soon people will see why that video was made.

My only advise to Boho and her daughter is to leave any group they belong to against bullying and abuse.
These groups will not like what I have to say, and that I can back it up with proof.

Sorry about The Conversation, but can not finish it until this is done.
Do not want them to realize all that I have.  (I was told that it is an unwise move at this time)
Although Boho by now must know I kept everything!

So deadline met and waiting for go ahead for next step!
Can not Wait!!!!!!!
Justice is beautiful.

Would it not be great if I got it before Friday!
Don't think I am that lucky.
That is okay, the next step will be fairly easy and fast, so I can be patient!

I am happy!
Soon my life will be mine again.
I can do what I want without her or her daughter popping up out of nowhere.
My family will be free!
Unless she fights me!
Which means she will be fight the truth!
I truly believe truth will always win!
It may taking a knocking but in the end, Truth is stronger!

A part of me wants her to fight, because if she is true to form, she will try and lie her way out, 
will post on her blog and anywhere anyone will listen!
Cut her own defense.
Hope she was smart enough to realize posting about me (or my family) on her new blog was a bad idea.
Even closed, people can see it.  They keep records. (it is a legal thing)  If she fights me will ask for the records, and will wait whatever amount of time it takes.

Have a good day!
A good week!
I know I will!!
Alice M 

Thursday, June 13, 2013

When do you forgive?

I have been thinking about this question a lot lately.

I see many posts that say to forgive someone is the best thing to do.

Now I have always believed that the act of forgiveness is very personal and requires a lot of strength on behave of the forgiver.  They have to have faith the person they are forgiving will not repeat the transgression.   To forgive someone is the same has having faith in them, believing in them.

I truly believe almost anything can be forgiven.

What can not be forgiven by humans must be left for your God to forgive.

The reason I mention this is because of the posts and sayings I have been seeing but also because I realized that you can not be expected to forgive someone for doing the same thing over and over again.

You can not forgive someone who goes out of their way to harm, knowing they are doing it.

To actually go out of their way to make those they have already hurt, hurt even more.

That is why this blog exists.

Why what I am doing is not revenge.

I am doing this because she has gone out of her way many times over the years to hurt my family (and others) and last year started going after me because I dared to stand up to her.

I can never forgive her for what she has done, and is still doing.

As long as anyone, hesitates to do something for fear of someone else reaction, 
that person is still doing harm.  

If, even for one second, someone has to think what lies will be said or action done out of malice to cause them harm because they did something to be proud of or followed a dream, than they are still being harmed.

That is what this woman is doing.

The second time she went after me (which I did not even know about until almost a week later), and when I heard about it went to her blog and what did I see?

Her attacking me.
She also sent out emails to her family and friends with a few sentences I wrote, followed by the words
and I quote "on Crack" after every statement (she only put in some of what I said without showing one single word she wrote!)

But the best part of it, (I do have a copy of this email),
here will let you read two of the statements she quoted from me 
I will underline her statements at the end of each.

Both these where written 2 months before the email was sent.

Do you see what I see?

I was not calling her names or telling lies.
I was reacting to her actions and others.
The address I referred to were blog addresses.

If you would like to see everything she wrote and what I wrote, you can at 

I will never forgive her for causing so much pain to my family.

Now you may wonder why she sent these emails 2 months after I quit talking to her or blogging about her.

I will tell you.

At the end of november 2012 her family (including my sister- her sister in law) all went to a show out of town.  She was not going to be there, her daughter was not going either.
A few hours before the show my sister was told Boho's daughter would be there but not Boho Mom.

Well guess what?  Boho lied again.  She was going but did not want to give my sister the chance to stay home, Boho wanted her there.

Her and her daughter went out of their way to ignore my sister making sure everyone was aware.

It did not turn out as she expected.

Some confronted her.
She went nuts, screaming blaming me for ruining her life (that was her blog).
The reason she went after me?
There is a 99.9% chance that person would not have said a word if I hadn't already stood up to her.

She yelled and screamed inside the theater and outside, embarrassing herself, showing her true nature.
Even those who had to be on the ride home with her were uncomfortable.

When she got home she sent out the emails, than posted on her blog.

All her life people said ignore her, don't worry about her, she will stop, eventually.
But she doesn't.
Every chance she gets she will attack.
Be it through email, postal service, blog/internet, phone calls and in person.
Did I tell you she lives in the same city as me?

I have never in my life met anyone like her.
People are afraid of her because they believe she is not all mentally there.

I disagree.
She is dangerous because she knows what she is doing.
She only gets mad when someone tells her the truth.
She is a bully.

She is the kind of person that if you where outside in the middle of the night, completely dark no light,
and you tell her it is dark out she will insist that it is daylight and call you a liar.

I want to make it perfectly clear I will not stop until those I know, will no longer fear her popping in to their lives to start all over again.

She mover her blog and it is now blocked.(
I no longer see what she is saying.
I do not really care.
I know that she says things, she can not stop her self.
I hope she realizes that one day she will realize that she made two really big mistakes.

She went after my family (and I found out)
And she thought I would give up. 

I want everyone, everywhere to know who and what she is.
It is the only way to stop her.

The main reason I will never forgive her, I can not trust her, ever.

Alice M 

Monday, June 10, 2013